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We’re proud to offer
a wonderful selection of Finger Lakes wines, as well as a wide selection of domestic and imported labels.

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Finger Lakes & New York Wines

Atwater Estate Vineyards

Atwater Estate Vineyards - Big Blend
Atwater Estate Vineyards - Riesling
Atwater Estate Vineyards - Stone Bridge Red

Bagley's Vineyards

Bagley's – Luscious Lady
Bagley's – Pecker Head Red

Brotherhood Winery

I Love NY Red

Bully Hill Vineyards

Bully Hill - Banty Red
Bully Hill - Goat White
Bully Hill - Love My Goat Red
Bully Hill - Meat Market Red
Bully Hill - Niagara
Bully Hill - Ravat 51
Bully Hill - Sweet Walter Red
Bully Hill - Sweet Walter Rosé

Chateau LaFayette Reneau

Chateau LaFayette Reneau - Seyval Chardonnay
Chateau LaFayette Reneau - Cuvee Rouge
Chateau LaFayette Reneau - Semi Dry Riesling
Chateau LaFayette Reneau - Cabernet Sauvignon

Damiani Wine Cellars

Damiani - Dolce Bianco
Damiani - Bollicini
Damiani - MC2
Damiani - Pinot Grigio
Damiani - Vino Rosso
Damiani - Cabernet Franc
Damiani - Chardonnay
Damiani - Dry Riesling
Damiani - Dry Rosé
Damiani - Meritage
Damiani - Pinot Noir
Damiani - Saperavi

Dr. Konstantin Frank

Dr. Frank – Blaufrankish
Dr. Frank – Gruner Veltliner
Dr. Frank – Rkatsiteli
Dr. Frank – Pinot Gris
Dr. Frank – Dry Rose
Dr. Frank – Chardonnay
Dr. Frank – Merlot
Dr. Frank – Dry Riesling
Dr. Frank – Cabernet Franc
Dr. Frank – Cabernet Sauvignon
Dr. Frank – Old Vines Pinot Noir
Dr. Frank – Semi Dry Riesling

Finger Lakes Wine Company

FLWC – Dry Riesling
FLWC – Semi Dry Riesling
FLWC – Sweet Riesling
FLWC – Rosé

Fox Run Vineyards

Fox Run - Arctic Fox
Fox Run - Chardonnay
Fox Run - Cabernet Sauvignon
Fox Run - Cabernet Franc
Fox Run - Fox Trot Red
Fox Run - Ruby Vixen
Fox Run - Semi Dry Riesling
Fox Run - Traminette
Fox Run – Dry Rosé

Fulkerson Winery

Fulkerson Winery - Diamond
Fulkerson Winery - Gruner Veltliner
Fulkerson Winery - Sauvignon Blanc
Fulkerson Winery - Matinee
Fulkerson Winery - Moscato
Fulkerson Winery - Pink Moscato
Fulkerson Winery - Red Zeppelin
Fulkerson Winery - Semi Dry Riesling
Fulkerson Winery - Syrah

Glenora Winery

Glenora Winery - Apple
Glenora Winery - Blueberry Breeze
Glenora Winery - Bobsled Red
Glenora Winery - Brut
Glenora Winery - Cabernet Franc
Glenora Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon
Glenora Winery - Chardonnay
Glenora Winery - Cranberry Chablis
Glenora Winery - LS Chardonnay
Glenora Winery - LS Riesling
Glenora Winery - Peach
Glenora Winery - Raseberry
Glenora Winery - Dry Riesling
Glenora Winery - Pomegranate
Glenora Winery - Watermelon
Glenora Winery – Jammin Red
Glenora Winery – Niagara
Glenora Winery – Pineapple
Glenora Winery – Seyval Blanc
Glenora Winery – Strawberry

Hazlitt Vineyards

Hazlitt - Bramble Berry
Hazlitt - Pink Cat
Hazlitt - Red Sangria
Hazlitt - Red Cat
Hazlitt - Red Cat Dark
Hazlitt - Red Cat Fizz
Hazlitt - Schooner Red
Hazlitt - White Cat
Hazlitt - White Cat Fizz
Hazlitt - White Sangria
Hazlitt - White Stag


Lakewood - Niagara
Lakewood - Abby Rose
Lakewood - Cabernet Franc
Lakewood - Candeo
Lakewood - Chardonnay
Lakewood - Lemberger
Lakewood - Long Stem Red
Lakewood - Long Stem White
Lakewood - Port
Lakewood - Riesling
Lakewood - Sparkling Catawba
Lakewood - Vignoles

Hector Wine Company

Hector – Pinot Gris
Hector – Riesling
Hector - Sauvignon Blanc
Hector – Soul Red

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard

Hermann J. Wiemer - Cabernet Franc
Hermann J. Wiemer - Chardonnay
Hermann J. Wiemer - Dry Riesling
Hermann J. Wiemer - Dry Rose
Hermann J. Wiemer - Semi-Dry Riesling
Hermann J. Wiemer - Dry Gewurztraminer
Hermann J. Wiemer - Field White

Heron Hill Winery

Heron Hill - Eclipse Red
Heron Hill - Eclipse White
Heron Hill - Semi-Sweet Riesling
Heron Hill - Cabernet Franc
Heron Hill - Reserve Pinot Noir

Hillick & Hobbs

Hillick & Hobbs – Dry Riesling

House Wines

House – Rosé

JR Dill Winery

JR Dill – Cabernet Sauvignon & Cab Franc Blend
JR Dill – Jabber Waulkie Blush
JR Dill – Jabber Waulkie Red
JR Dill – Jabber Waulkie White
JR Dill – JR Dill Wine Pickles

Knapp Winery

Knapp - Pasta Red
Knapp - Superstition

Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars

Lamoreaux Landing - Chardonnay
Lamoreaux Landing - Gewurztraminer
Lamoreaux Landing - Merlot
Lamoreaux Landing - Semi-Dry Riesling
Lamoreaux Landing – Vidal Ice

Miles Wine Cellars

Miles Wine Cellars - Call Me A Cab
Miles Wine Cellars - Ghost
Miles Wine Cellars - Wisteria Blush

Montezuma Winery

Montezuma - Fat Frog Red
Montezuma - Slush Mix

Osmote Wine

Osmote - Dry Rose
Osmote - Seneca Chardonnay
Osmote - Seneca Lake Riesling

Penguin Bay Winery

Penguin Bay - Dry Riesling
Penguin Bay - Riesling
Penguin Bay - Tuxedo Red
Penguin Bay - Moscato
Penguin Bay - Humboldt Red

Pleasant Valley Wine Company

Pleasant Valley Wine - Chocolate Lab
Pleasant Valley Wine - Cream Sherry
Pleasant Valley Wine - Dry Sherry
Pleasant Valley Wine - Sherry
Pleasant Valley Wine - Madeira
Pleasant Valley Wine - Marsala

Rasta Ranch Vineyards

Rasta Ranch Wine - Uncle Homer
Rasta Ranch Wine - Piece Of My Heart
Rasta Ranch Wine - Purple Haze

Ravines Wine Cellars

Ravines – Dry Riesling

Red Newt Cellars

Red Newt Cellars - Blue Newt
Red Newt Cellars - Riesling

Red Tail Ridge Winery

Red Tail Ridge Winery - Sans Oak Chardonnay
Red Tail Ridge Winery - Barrel Fermented Chardonnay
Red Tail Ridge Winery - Pinot Noir

Rock Stream Vineyards

Rock Stream Vineyards - Dry Niagara
Rock Stream Vineyards - Make Me Blush

Salmon Run Wines

Salmon Run – Chardonnay/Riesling
Salmon Run – Chardonnay
Salmon Run – Coho Red
Salmon Run – Pinot Grigio
Salmon Run – Riesling
Salmon Run – Coho White
Salmon Run – Dry Rosé
Salmon Run – Meritage

Sheldrake Point Winery

Sheldrake Point – Dry Rose
Sheldrake Point – Gamey Noir

Standing Stone Vineyards

Standing Stone – Saperavi
Standing Stone – Timeline Dry Riesling

The Taylor Wine Company

Taylor – Port

Three Brothers Wineries

Three Brothers – Bombshell Original Cider
Three Brothers – Bombshell Raspberry Cider
Three Brothers – Bombshell Orange Pineapple Cider
Three Brothers – Bombshell Winterberry Cider
Three Brothers – Scandelicious
Three Brothers – Skirt Lifter
Three Brothers – Sixty Nine Ways To Have Fun

Torrey Ridge Winery

Torrey Ridge – Diamond

Wagner Vineyards

Wagner - Cabernet Franc
Wagner - Chardonnay
Wagner - Merlot
Wagner - Niagara
Wagner - Riesling Select
Wagner - Seneca Red
Wagner - Riesling Ice
Wagner – Vidal Ice
Wagner - Cabernet Sauvignon
Wagner - Dry Rosé
Wagner - Gewurztraminer


WEIS VINEYARDS - Semi Dry Riesling
WEIS VINEYARDS - Gewurztraminer
WEIS VINEYARDS - Unoaked Chardonnay
WEIS VINEYARDS - Schulhaus Red

Domestic & Imported Wines


19 Crimes

19 Crimes – Red Blend
19 Crimes – Banished Dark Red

Kim Crawford

Kim Crawford – Pinot Noir
Kim Crawford – Yellow Tail Chardonnay
Kim Crawford – Sauvignon Blanc
Kim Crawford – Wild Grace

Yellow Tail

Yellow Tail – Bubbles
Yellow Tail – Chardonnay
Yellow Tail – Cab Sauv Merlot
Yellow Tail – Merlot
Yellow Tail – Pink Bubbles
Yellow Tail – Pinot Grigio
Yellow Tail – Shiraz
Yellow Tail – Pinot Noir


Domaine Bousquet

Domaine Bousquet – Cabernet Sauvignon
Domaine Bousquet – Chardonnay

Gascón Wine

Gascón – Malbec

Terrazas de los Altos

Terrazas – Malbec



Frontera – Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot
Frontera – Cabernet Sauvignon
Frontera – Pinot Noir


Château de Parenchère


Fleurs de Prairie

Fleurs de Prairie – Rosé


Perrier-Jouët – Brut

Pol Roger

Pol Roger – Brut


Barone Fini

Barone Fini – Pinot Grigio


Bolla – Chianti
Bolla – Prosecco


Cavit – Pinot Grigio
Cavit – Cabernet Sauvignon

Don Alfonso

Don Alfonso – Cabernet Sauvignon


Freixenet – Brut
Freixenet – Procecco
Freixenet – Rosé

Gancia Wines

Gancia – Prosecco

Martini & Rossi

Martini & Rossi – Asti
Martini & Rossi – Vermouth
Martini & Rossi – Sweet Vermouth


Riunite – Lambrusco


Ruffino – Moscato
Ruffino – Prosecco
Ruffino – Rosé


Tribuno – Vermouth


Apothic Wines

Apothic - Red
Apothic - Dark

Barefoot Wine

Barefoot – Chardonnay
Barefoot – Moscato
Barefoot – Pinot Grigio
Barefoot – Riesling

Bogle Vineyards

Bogle – Petit Sirah

Bota Box Wines

Bota Box – Chardonnay
Bota Box – Pinot Grigio
Bota Box – Shiraz
Bota Box – Rich Red Blend
Bota Box – RedVolution
Bota Box – Riesling
Bota Box – Bold Cabernet Sauvignon
Bota Box – Cabernet Sauvignon

Bread And Butter Wines

Bread & Butter – Chardonnay

Carnivor Wines

Carnivor – Cabernet Sauvignon

Cooper & Thief

Cooper & Thief – Red Bland

Cribari Vineyards

Cribari – Chianti

Cupcake Vineyards

Cupcake – Moscato
Cupcake – Butterkissed Chardonnay
Cupcake – Sauvignon Blanc

Dreaming Tree Wines

Dreaming Tree – Crush
Dreaming Tree – Pinot Noir

Edmeades Winery

Edmeades – Zinfindel

Estancia Vineyards

Estancia – Cabernet Sauvignon

The Federalist Wines

The Federalist – Zinfindel

Fisheye Winery

Fisheye - Cabernet Sauvignon

Franciscan Estate Winery

Franciscan Estate – Cabernet Sauvignon

Franzia Wines

Franzia – Chardonnay
Franzia – Pinot Grigio
Franzia – Merlot
Franzia – Sunset Blush
Franzia – Cabernet Sauvignon


Gekkeikan – Sake

Gnarly Head Wine

Gnarly Head – Old Vine Zinfandel

J. Roget

J. Roget Spumante
J. Roget Brut

Josh Cellars

Josh Cellars – Chardonnay
Josh Cellars – Cabernet Sauvignon
Josh Cellars – Bourbon Barrel


Kendal Jackson

Kendal Jackson – Cabernet Sauvignon
Kendal Jackson – Chardonnay
Kendal Jackson – Merlot


Korbel – Brut
Korbel – Rosé

Mark West Wines

Mark West – Pinot Noir

Meiomi Wines

Meiomi – Cabernet Sauvignon
Meiomi – Pinot Noir
Meiomi – Chardonnay

Ménage à Trois Wines

Ménage à Trois – Midnight
Ménage à Trois – Prosecco
Ménage à Trois – Dark Red Blend


Rex-Goliath – Cabernet Sauvignon

Sutter Home

Sutter Home – Chardonnay
Sutter Home – Merlot
Sutter Home – Moscato
Sutter Home – Sauvignon Blanc
Sutter Home – White Zinfandel

Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi – Chardonnay
Robert Mondavi – Cabernet Sauvignon
Robert Mondavi – Buttery Chardonnay

SIMI Winery

SIMI – Sauvignon Blanc
SIMI – Chardonnay


Tribuno – Dry Vermouth
Tribuno – Sweet Vermouth

Vella Vineyards

Vella Vinyards – Burgundy
Vella Vinyards – Cabernet Sauvignon
Vella Vinyards – Chardonnay
Vella Vinyards – Merlot
Vella Vinyards – Chablis

Woodbridge Wines

Woodbridge – Cabernet Sauvignon
Woodbridge – Cabernet Chardonnay
Woodbridge – Merlot


Chateau Ste. Michelle

Chateau Ste. Michelle – Cabernet Sauvignon
Chateau Ste. Michelle – Merlot
Chateau Ste. Michelle – Riesling

Santa Rita

Santa Rita – Malbec
Santa Rita – Cabernet Sauvignon

The Prisoner Wine Company

Unshackled – Red
Unshackled – Rosé